Unit 1A, 151 Herdsman Parade Wembley WA 6014

Perth Zoo Wetlands Enclosure & Penguin Pool Refurbishment

20 Labouchure Rd, South Perth WA
Perth Zoo
Completed 2011

This project involved demolition and removal of existing netting enclosure, removal of screw piles, timber decking and fencing. New works included screw piles, concrete footings, limestone retaining walls, structural steelwork framing to hold stainless steel wire cables and 4800m2 of ss netting. Reinstatement of viewing platforms with recycled jarrah decking, planting of new trees, replacement and refurbishment of Penguin Pool and Water Filtration.

The most challenging component of this Project was the Accessibility to site. The design intent was to maintain as many of the existing established Trees as possible. This was achieved with discussions and careful Planning with the design team and the client.

The major task of the Netting design for this Project was reviewed by both The Slatter Group WA and the experienced Architectural Rigging team engaged for the Project to deliver a Product far superior than that of what was specified at no additional cost to the Client.

Latent Conditions in the Soil caused considerable delays to the Project. As all excavation had to be done by hand to ensure tree roots and services were to remain untouched this resulted in the requirement for acceleration to meet the original completion date due to the animals for that particular enclosure having to be returned with no alternative housing arrangements in place.

Some Large Components of this Project were awarded as Design and Construct. The requirement for Management input into these designs was integral in achieving the outcome envisaged by the client from the beginning.

The Construction of a new Walkway through the display area was developed using all recycled Jarrah. Special consideration to the Construction Method was required to ensure the animals could not injure themselves at a later date.

As the area was within a live zoo environment, special consideration was required for the protection of the Public visiting the Zoo along with the implementation of an infectious diseases policy in line with Zoo Policies. In addition to this the requirement to work closely with the surrounding Zoo Staff was imperative to ensure no disruption to the animals in the surrounding exhibits.


Demolition, Earthworks, Pile Contractors, Concreters, Stone Mason, Steel Fabricator, Riggers, Water Filtration, Carpenters, Pool Contractors, Netting Installation Subcontractors.


  • This contract requires the demolition and replacement of existing infrastructure.
  • The client is a government organization and requires The Slatter Group WA team to understand and comply with government policies, procedures and standards.
  • The Project is within a live environment which is similar to the areas where existing tenants are located within the building.